Speaker Spotlight: Creating and maintaining sites while mobile with Jen Miller

In this talk, Jen Miller of NeedSomeoneTo.com will show you how to integrate design, development and blogging app resources that allow WordPress users the freedom to manage a business, team, multiple websites and other assets while on the go.

Jen will provide laughter, story and insight on favorite and newly released apps that make people, product, website and business management accessible by iPad. The apps she’ll cover combine emergency logo creation, photo and video editing, blog management, code wrangling, email marketing, client and staff management and social media.

Don’t miss her at 11:30 AM in the Dwarf Star on July 9!

Jen Miller believes in the value and power of the written word in sharing truth and story, in life and in business. Combining her journalism background with a passion for customer service and marketing, Jen built NeedSomeoneToBlog.com, a blogging service focused on delivering original, quality website content to business owners. As the business grew, Jen discovered areas that could further develop authority, garner trust, and build engagement for her clients online, resulting in BestBookWriter.com and MyResumeSecret.com. With her newly formed corporation, NeedSomeoneTo.com, Jen seeks to combine services in one-website, making it easier for companies to share engaging messages of community and industry knowledge with their followers.