Speaker Spotlight: Marketing WordPress & podcasting with Adam Silver

Growing your business is about building trust, and your voice is an important tool to accomplish this. Where writing a blog post may not come easy to everyone, speaking is very natural. Adam Silver of Kitchen Sink WP wants to show you how podcasting is growing (once again) and that it’s not so hard to do. In his WCOC session, he’ll show you a workflow, best practices, and ways to monetize.

If you want relevant and actionable takeaways like checklists to use when launching a podcast, don’t miss Adam’s blogger discussion in the Asteroid Field at 10 AM on July 10!

Adam teaches a WordPress 101 course at his local adult school, presents a monthly WordPress seminar at SBDC, runs the South Bay WordPress Meetup and produces a weekly podcast at kitchensinkwp.com. In his spare time, he hangs out with his wickedly cool 3 kids & wife, and makes some really bad puns, since someone has to.