Speaker Spotlight: Scott Buscemi and the 50 Day Blogging Challenge

Starting from an empty agency blog, Scott Buscemi will be spending 60 days blogging and producing content to begin building an audience beyond his current customer base. In this workshop, he’ll share his findings – what worked, what didn’t work, and what he would recommend for others who can take on this challenge.

Check out Scott’s workshop at 2 PM in The Comet on July 9.

Scott Buscemi is the Founder and UX Director at Luminary, a development agency focused on eCommerce and web systems founded in 2010. When he’s not working, Scott can be found be found hiking and attending acting classes. Or on Reddit. Probably Reddit.

Speaker Spotlight: WordPress Security for Beginners with Logan Kipp

“How do I keep my WordPress site secure?” Logan’s workshop will the audience through the structure of a WordPress site’s security posture, dispelling common misconceptions and elaborating on perceived security overlaps. The session explains the differences between plugin-based security and external solutions, as well as how they best work together. In easy-to-understand terms, Logan will also touch on basic hosting configuration best practices and security control spheres. Whether just getting started in WordPress or a seasoned developer, this talk has something for every WordPresser.

Don’t miss this workshop that’s suitable for beginners to secure your website. Join Logan in the Comet at 10 AM on July 10.

Logan has been an intermittent WordPress user since “Strayhorn” 1.5 in 2005 and has used WordPress as a primary platform since “Coltrane” 2.7 in 2008. Logan has over seven years experience in the website hosting and security technology field, starting with three years at GoDaddy, followed by four years at SiteLock. Logan most recently served as SiteLock’s Lead Security Analyst before taking his current role as a Product Evangelist – WordPress earlier this year.

Speaker Spotlight: Great design and UX pattern libraries with Brianna Privett

Heroes? Pricing tables? THE GRID? Why *do* all websites look like the same? Starting with a well-organized theme framework and a little SASS, Brianna Privett’s talk will cover how to identify user experience patterns and stories that guide your visitors where you want them to go, while giving you the freedom to create new designs that stand out from the sea of sameness prevalent in today’s websites. We also cover how curating your own pattern library enables you to hit the cornerstones of successful web design – Accessibility, Responsiveness, Usability, and Conversion.

This is a bridge presentation that starts with development and ends with successful sales, great for freelancers and developers who are learning how their work is integral to successful marketing. Don’t miss Brianna’s talk at 2:50 PM on July 9 in the Dwarf Star.

Brianna Privett is TechnoSiren, a web developer and artist on a career-spanning mission to give web users the tools to be web creators without frustration.

Limited tickets on sale Saturday June 25

There will be a small batch of tickets released tomorrow (Saturday) at noon. If you’ve been looking for a ticket, tomorrow may be the last chance you have without buying one from someone who can’t attend.

If you’re a ticket holder, June 30th is the last day to refund your tickets. After June 30th, you’ll have to sell your ticket to someone else outside of our website.

Looking forward to seeing everybody on July 9th!

Speaker Spotlight: Working remotely with John Brown

At WordCamp Orange County a couple years ago, Jon Brown spoke about setting work/lifestyle/travel goals and achieving them. This time around, his presentation will focus more on trials and tribulations of remote work. He’ll share things learned along the way that will help both aspiring digital nomads as well as experienced remote workers.

Don’t miss Jon’s tips and advice at 3:40 PM in the Nebula on July 9.

Jon Brown is a WordPress developer and agency owner. He just marked 10 years of location independent work spanning the globe.

Speaker Spotlight: Using WordPress as an app framework with Nathan Tyler

Nathan Tyler of Tyler Digital will address the discussion of using WordPress as an app framework. In this talk, he’ll take a detailed look at the ups and downs of using WordPress to build a web app (hireotto.com) with:

  • WP REST API Endpoints
  • OAuth Authentication with 3rd party services
  • WP Cron & Job Queues
  • 3rd Party API integrations
  • Webhooks
  • User Registration & Account Management
  • Recurring Billing

He’ll provide an overview of how all these components work together, where WordPress saved development time, and where it caused headaches.

This talk is not an endorsement or condemnation of using WordPress as an app framework. Each project is different, and the goal is to openly discuss the tradeoffs so developers can make informed decisions for their own projects.

Don’t miss Nathan at 10 AM on July 10 in the Dwarf Star

Speaker Spotlight: Using scalable vector graphics (SVGs) with Jacob Arriola

SVGs provide designers, developers and users with an array of benefits including performance, styling and animations. In Jacob Arriola of Zeek Interactive’s talk, theme developers will walk away with the benefits of using SVGs in their themes, understanding the different approaches to rendering SVGs, and adding some styles and animation to help bring sites and applications to life.

SVG support is now widely accepted across browsers. Despite the wide support and its many benefits to the user, designer and developer, usage doesn’t seem to be very widespread. Jacob will show the ease of getting started with bringing in SVGs into a WordPress theme. Users will see live demonstrations of adding SVGs to their themes in a multitude of ways and will have enough information to take immediate action in their existing projects.

Don’t miss Jacob in the Dwarf Star at 2 PM on July 9.

Jacob is a front-end developer and WordPress developer at Zeek Interactive. He’s been building custom themes for over 5 years and has a joy for sharing new ideas and collaborating with others. He takes pride in his ability to communicate complex items with passion and enthusiasm.

Speaker Spotlight: Contributing to WordPress with Andy Fragen

This presentation by Andy Fragen will give you brief overview of how to start contributing to WordPress, covering the contributor forums, GitHub, and Core.

If you’ve been wondering how to start contributing to WordPress, don’t miss Andy’s talk at 10:50 AM in the Dwarf Star on Sunday, July 10.

Andy is a longtime code hacker and surgeon. He grew up in Southern California, and loves hacking at WordPress.

Speaker Spotlight: WordPress for kids with Tabby Chapman

Our fast moving technology means that kids are using gadgets way earlier each year. Tabby Chapman will discuss how children can utilize WordPress.

If you’re looking to teach the children about WordPress, don’t miss Tabby at 4:30 PM in the Nebula on July 9.

Tabitha Chapman (a.k.a Tabby) is an Academic Applications Developer at University of California, Irvine where she works on WordPress plugins and themes for the School of Biological Science.